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Advocacy for People with Special Needs

___'s Vision Statement 2015

WHO I AM:   I am a good-looking, cheerful, non-verbal 20 year old young man diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Autism and multiple disabilities. I’m handsome, healthy, intelligent and very cool. I take off my shoes constantly.  I like to sit in the sunshine by a big window. That’s my favorite place to sit, at home. I sleep with a couple of floppy stuffed animals on my bed.


M___ and D__ are my legal guardians. They call me often and visit me every two weeks. 

My __________________, is my standby guardian, calls often and sees me 4-5 times a year.
My friends, _________________  and __________________ visit me every month. All these people are on my list at the group home and have permission to visit me. I look forward to visiting with them. I like it when they call me on the phone too.  


I go to the dentist twice a year. I always see Dr. Smith. It is really important, if I have to see a new dentist, that I visit the office first, see what it's like and say hello to the new dentist. Otherwise I get nervous and tense up a lot.

I visit the podiatrist every year, to get fitted for shoes with supports in them.

I visit the dermatologist as needed, because my skin gets dry. 

I don't take any medication, except skin lotion for my dry skin.

WHAT I LIKE TO EAT:   red grapes; honeydew melon (bite-sized pieces); oranges; peaches; pears; green salads; cheeseburgers (cut in quarters) with sautéed onions; turkey bacon; french fries with catsup; spaghetti and meatballs; chocolate chip cookies; peanut butter cookies; chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream. And Reese’s peanut butter cups.

SHOWER KIT:   I prefer to use natural products. Please make sure only natural products are in my kit: shampoos, conditioners, soaps and toothpastes are all free from chemicals like sodium laureth sulfates, fluoride, propylene glycol and other harmful ingredients. I don’t use any products with aluminum. Brands include: Organix, Kiss My Face, Botanique. Fluoride-free toothpastes only.

VOCATIONAL/FUTURE GOALS:    I plan to live in a place of my own that I have chosen, probably a group home with other young guys and work in a service industry where I can be around other young people of my approximate age and ability. I like to participate in community activities and communicate with pretty girls.

HOW I COMMUNICATE: I communicate well by gestures, eye-gaze and vocalizations. It is difficult for me to talk because my facial muscles are weak. Staff with me need to be visually-oriented. I consistently use a direct eye-gaze for “yes.” Looking away means “no.” Just look at me, please. If I tap your lips, that means “ask me questions, so I can tell you what I want to do.”

FAMILY:   I like to communicate with my family every month. I also like to visit family members and expect to be home for major holidays. A 3-4 day visit is preferable; then I like to get back to my own schedule. 

PERSONAL SKILLS:   Please assess my skills and help me work on them. I can pull on shirts, socks and sweatpants by myself, I can dress myself, and zip with help.
I don’t usually wear belts and can’t do buckles or buttons
Please make sure my pants and pjs are not too long! I have a 24” inseam.
If you want to do everything for me, I won’t object.  I don’t mind taking it easy.
I wash myself with a soft sponge. I use the toilet and sink with verbal prompting.
My hair is thick, so I need help with shampoo and conditioner.
I won’t brush my teeth. Staff usually does it hand-over-hand. My mom sings a song when she brushes my teeth.  
I don’t wipe myself after a bowel movement. If I have to do a BM, I’ll vocalize a lot and/or wiggle around. You can ask me; I’ll tell you if I have to go.
I need verbal prompting to sit up straight, eat slowly, pierce my food with a fork, clear the table, and do my laundry.
It’s a good idea to keep a monitor on, if I’m sleeping in a new place, like a hotel. I could have an accident then or have trouble sleeping.
I tilt my head back to steady my gaze. My eyes are slow to converge. I can identify pictures/icons and read some words, but tracking across a page is tiring.
I can walk a treadmill at 2.5 mph for 10 minutes. I like music with a beat for that. I can use an exercise bike. I always work better after I’ve had some exercise.


I can follow 3-4 step requests.  I can learn job routines and interact with others.
I can push a wheelbarrow, distribute material, clear tables, move boxes and dump trash bags. I like hearing “good job!”  I like being appreciated.
I need constant supervision and occasional verbal prompts to stay on task.  


I am learning to play the drums and had a couple of lessons. I want to continue drum lessons – I’ve learned how to hold the sticks, play snare and push the foot pedal.  Staff at the local music store let me come in and play all their drums and cymbals.
I like to play the piano, my shakers and other percussion instruments.
 I like to play my CD player and prefer Christian music because that’s familiar.
I enjoy attending dances, musicals, practices and band concerts with my friends.
 I enjoy water slides and any water activities at Dorney Park, Knoebbels, Hershey Park and other fun places with my friends.
I recently made friends with a therapy dog (spaniel mix) and discovered I like him.


I enjoy gym, drumming lessons, swimming lessons, and music therapy
I like attending summer camp with my friends. I do well with a 1:3 aide at camp and greatly enjoy boating, swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities
I like to attend winter camp and go tubing, and/or skiing with a 1:1 aide. I wear a ski helmet for tubing or skiing
I really enjoy going on the swings and going down slides.
I’m confident in the pool, usually at 4’ deep. I may need someone to be close by for a few minutes because I’m so excited. A trip to the bathroom is best, before I go in the pool.
I love going to the beach, playing in the surf. I really love being by the ocean. I’m more alert, breathing in that salt air. I like the wind.
Boating is cool; at camp I have been on canoes, rafts and paddleboats.  I would like to try sailing.
I’m not really interested in other sports, but if everyone is bowling, I’ll go along. 


I enjoy communicating with pretty women my age. Staff and family members can facilitate this. My mom can explain how.
I am a Roman Catholic and attend Mass every weekend. I like to attend a Mass with music and sit near the choir. If you have to take me to a new church, please speak to the pastor first. I have received the sacraments of Baptism, Penance, Communion and Confirmation.
My mom and dad, and my brother and sister all look out for my best interests.  If you have any questions about my likes and dislikes that I cannot answer, please ask them. 
My family is deeply concerned for my safety and well-being in all venues, and expects staff to be fully accountable for their actions. They expect me to be protected from all predators and from unauthorized restraints.   
In the past I had to run away from a student who tried to touch me. Please keep me safe from people like that.


In a supportive environment, I can keep growing and learning new skills.  
I would like to try using a big keyboard, to learn how to type words
I want to find more ways to communicate.
I can learn how to respond in emergency situations. An explanation of how to handle emergencies should be calmly repeated on a regular basis.
I can become more proficient at indicating the words I can read, in counting and indicating quantities, and in handling money, with some help. 

A Young Man's Vision Statement

Helping Your Child With Developmental Disabilities 

Navigate The Special Education System From Early Intervention to Adult Placement

If you have a disability, or a child with a disability, a vision statement can help you tell your story when it matters most. With a vision statement, school districts, service providers, and state and local agencies can evaluate and see the whole person, not just the disability. It is a crucial aid in decision-making, especially if you or your child cannot meet with agencies in person. Tip: be sure to include a recent photo.