BIO: NY-based freelance writer helps clients write their memoirs, gives talks on How to Fearlessly Write Your Memoir (, writes daily, works with indie filmmakers, loves pitching new projects, learning new skills, networking,  more projects, and writing. This is the life.


MERCENARY TO THE SHAH    LOGLINE: Assigned to bring state-of-the-art radar and nav aids to 1960’s Iran, Mike Roman a bright young American FAA tech discovers the rest of his team is working against him, but has no idea the CIA also seeks to entrap him. Mike’s family loves Iran and he overcomes many challenges to complete his mission. One-sheet, completed TV pilot proposal including pilot script, treatment, character descriptions/motivations, based on a true story, writer worked on author’s memoir, has collab. agreement to pitch and sell

LIFE BY JOE    LOGLINE:  A young man overcomes multiple disabilities to become the man he believes himself to be. In his mind, Joe is a bright, original and very cool 22 year old who works, plays drums in a local band, goes to the gym, and flirts with pretty girls. B story: Joe is cool, but also non-verbal, diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism, lives in a group home, works in day has & goes to the gym with a staff member. A verbal friend helps him flirt with those pretty girls. These two stories flash back and forth.  Joe learns to type and speak,  gives a joyful speech at a local college. Based on true events.

DATING GAME: WHAT A WOMAN WANTS  LOGLINE:  Tired of meeting losers, Darla, a 50 year old Christian woman issues an online challenge, “Don’t just say you’re a Christian, live it.”  No more compromising what she wants and who she really is. After a year, and about to give up, she finally meets the man of her dreams.  Based on a true story.


LIFE BY JOE -The story of a young man who knows no limits .                                                                                           

INFERIOR GIRL - A teenage memoir from the 60's, overcoming bullies with music.                                                                                                     

GOOD TO GO  -- YA novel. Running away may not be the solution, but it sure beats the alternative.                                                                                                

THE ONLY WAY TO WALK ON WATER - inspirational. A single mom battling impossible odds suddenly finds God is talking to her, up close and personal.

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