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For the past six years I've been working with families and individuals to help them write their life stories. I've been giving talks at libraries and community colleges and other venues, encouraging people to get their stories down on paper. The work is tremendously rewarding:

I've seen the healing and peace of mind this brings to so many people. Along the way, I've also discovered and helped people overcome most of the psychological traps that prevent them from completing their stories. 

Sharing your story, I believe, is an important part of why we're here. As you grow older, you see your mission more clearly. The call to do something or be who you are or live more fully grows stronger with each passing year. 

So live your life, every moment, and share it with the rest of us. 

Over the past two years, I've received a number of requests from people who have urged me to offer an online course, to help them write their life stories. As a result, we are planning our first online meeting, via Web Ex.  

Here's the plan: we'll meet every week for two hours, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Our Fearless group will include email access, real-time video conferencing, where you can text in your questions and take turns asking questions, reading some of your work (if you wish) for immediate feedback, joining our Facebook group for more interaction with fellow participants and myself. There is so much to cover in this course! First, of course, you'll find out why I call it How To Fearlessly Write Your Memoir. 

Writing your life story is a marvelous opportunity to gain perspective on where you've been and where you're going.

It's not just for those anticipating the end of life. I've had participants as young as eleven, engage in a therapeutic writing program to release harmful memories and recover their strengths. It has made them happier and better able to face the future with hope.

One of my oldest clients is almost ninety years old, and having great fun, delving into an adventurous past, sifting through ancient photos, choosing which to include in her magnum opus. Her spirit is strong; she knows this is the best way to pass on her values and advice. What does she advise her great-granddaughter to do? "Laugh every day, and celebrate who you are."  Great advice for any of us. What's your story?


How To Fearlessly

Write Your Memoir