How To Slim Down After The Slow-Down

Weight loss program for post-menopausal women:

How To Slim Down After The Slow-Down is a proven method for losing weight after menopause. Many women are startled to find their metabolism slows down to just about nil, in the years after menopause. They may try a diet and exercise plan that worked when they were younger, only to give up in frustration when it no longer produces the desired results.  

What are your choices at that point?

  • give up, and embrace a fuller figure
  • try harder, and pile on damaging stress
  • sign up for our free program and start seeing results you like


The SLIM DOWN program focuses on helping post-menopausal women find the right balance of diet, nutrition, exercise and meditation to manage and overcome a slower metabolism. Slim Down began with Tala, a post-menopausal woman who gained 30 pounds in one year. Like other women, she searched for healthy, practical, affordable solutions to wake up her metabolism. She put together a dynamic program that took her from 172 to 130 pounds in six months. Friends started asking Tala for advice. “Wow, you look great. How did you get so slim?” She taught them her program and was thrilled to see them achieve success. Two years later, she put together How To Slim Down When Your Metabolism Slows Down, to encourage more postmenopausal women to reach their weight-loss goals. 

Celia is typical of many women in their late fifties. She realized she was putting on weight. She could feel her metabolism slowing down and her body growing softer. A successful businesswoman, she made the logical choice to ramp up her diet and exercise routine. But nothing worked: the scale showed she was still gaining weight. Sadly, Celia put away some of her sexiest outfits and bought a few suits with elastic waists. She had gained forty pounds; nothing fit. But she wasn’t ready to surrender.  “The weight’s gotta go,” she declared.

Celia was considering liposuction when she came across a Facebook ad for How To Slim Down When Your Metabolism Slows Down. She identified with Tala’s story; the program looked easy to follow. Encouraged by the 90-day money back guarantee, she decided to give Slim Down a try.

At first, nothing happened.  Then, just a few days later, Celia realized her tight jeans were no longer cutting into her waist. The numbers on her measuring tape went down steadily, day by day.  Seven days into the program, Celia stepped on the scale and was delighted to see she had lost three pounds. Week by week, the scale showed numbers dropping slowly but surely towards her goal. Four months later, she was there. When the family got together for their 4th of July bash at the beach, Celia had a blast. Her husband kept taking pictures of his beautiful wife, showing off her amazing, svelte body. 

Losing post-menopausal weight is the most challenging endeavor; frankly, most women do not succeed in tuning up their metabolism to achieve the desired results.  

Celia is delighted with her new look. How To Slim Down When Your Metabolism Slows Down works for women in their prime, women who don’t want to accept defeat just because they’re no longer twenty.  Now, wisdom and weight-loss meet.  There are no special foods to purchase, no expensive program to buy. Best of all, the Slim Down program offers a free seven-day trial to get you started. If you decide to join the Slim Down Club, the only expense is a simple $25 monthly fee as long as you choose to be an active premium member. You can cancel any time. Plus, you can join our private Slim Down Facebook page and enjoy talking to other members on their way to better health and a great new body.  A moderator offers tips to help you lose the weight and keep it off with our new maintenance program.

How To Slim Down After Your Metabolism Slows Down is a unique weight-loss program for post-menopausal women. With a 90-day money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Except for that extra weight.