About Me

​​My name is Barbara Anne Todd. I love helping people share their stories!

Every person, every company has a story, often many stories, to share with others.  

Stories draw people in. They want to know more.                                                           Stories foster a sense of relationship, of belonging.   

You’ve probably heard this saying: A person isn’t looking to do business with a company, they’re looking to do business with another person. So, what's your story?

When I was a child, I loved hearing stories. Getting my first library card was so exciting!         I held the key to this rich treasure trove of stories that took me all around the world and into people’s lives. Stories opened my mind to all kinds of possibilities for the future.

As a single mom with 5 grown children and 2 grandchildren, I love spending time with family.

Now, as a newlywed, I'm learning to explore life with my best friend. 

      As a professional ghostwriter, I help people write their stories.                                              I see how shared memories enrich families, bringing healing, laughter and love.                      I work with independent filmmakers, writing and co-producing stories. 

Entrepreneurs ask me to write scripts and case studies about their products and companies.   

I offer an online webinar, How To Fearlessly Write Your Life Story, and give talks in communities. 

Each person’s story helps us understand the journey we make together.